Welcome to the web site for the State Historical Society of Iowa's battle flag preservation project.

Our site is divided into seven sections full of information and compelling images of the collection and the painstaking process involved in flag stabilization and conservation. We hope you will enjoy your visit and appreciate the need to save and honor these treasures.

The Project pages explain how the State of Iowa started the project to stabilize the flags. This section also provides recent and archived news stories, staff bios, available merchandise and information on various contribution options.



The Process pages provide information about the tools and techniques involved in battle flag stabilization and conservation. An overview of how the flags are documented and stored are also explained in this section.

On the In Progress pages you will find images and information about the flags that are currently undergoing stabilization in the lab. We also provide information about other projects the staff is currently involved in.

The Gallery pages provide small images of the various flags in the collection. The pages are divided into the different kind of unit or organization that carried the flags.

The Exhibit pages give an overview of the various options offered to view the treasures in the collection, including; museum exhibits, staff presentations and lab tours.

The three Capitol pages offer a brief history of the building and how the flags were originally displayed. A summary of how the flags were removed and how they are now displayed is also discussed.

Visit the Info pages for answers to common questions about the project and its inventory. You can read about Iowa in the Civil War and find explanations of flag and military terminology. The info section also offers lesson plans for scholars and help to researchers.


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